About Anna Maria

About me – who am I


I have found one of my passions – I passionately want to bring balance to people’s lives. It means to connect with your body, calm your mind and be present on the things you do.  I especially love to teach people who thinks “yoga is not for me”. 


I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother of 2 little girls, yogi and yoga-teacher, ex-business consultant. I am Finnish and I live in Helsinki, but I always feel “half-Indian” as I have spent time with Indian family and still have a deep connection with them. I also love to travel, love many kinds of sports (like skiing and tennis) and I love good and healthy food (“food is my medicine”). That’s just some of my roles in my life, but the most important role is just to be ME. And I am still learning about it every singe day, but that makes this life interesting.


Yoga Journey


My yoga journey started in 1995 when I was living in Hindu-family in the middle of the Malaysian jungle. I was competing in archery at that time and in addition to my dear family my Chinese coach taught me a lot about Eastern philosophy and meditation. When I came back to Finland my professional ambition was not clear, I was a bit lost and I ended up to have a corporate career, but somehow I felt I was at the wrong place. At the same time I knew that my Malaysian experiences had a deeper meaning and I kept going by practicing Qigong (shaolin), sometimes karate and ashtanga and having holidays in Asia and this was giving me a lot of positive energy. Still I must say I had this “empty feeling” inside of me. I was dreaming that I could really love and be passionate about my work. I wasn’t and I thought that maybe I just accept it.


“Finding myself”


I left the corporate world  when I got my first baby. Being at home as a mother was a time to getting to know myself more when life was “simple” and  also hard with small children not sleeping. My real turning point was when I got my second child and got 27 extra kilos, I lost the connection to my body and relationship with food was wrong. I had thought being a mother would be automatically amazing but I found it difficult. I was judging myself how to be a “perfect mother” and at the same time I couldn’t do any of the sports I used to love. So I started a journey to myself, to my childhood, starting to look who I really was. What is my life purpose? I used healing therapy, lots of reading, changed my diet and started to focus on Qigong, meditation and Yoga. Little by little I got to know myself better.

I got so inspired that I wanted to study more to become a certified yoga teacher and I started teaching right away. Yoga was giving me joy every day and I really loved teaching. I was so happy that I had also found my real passion and interests:  how the body moves, the power of the mind and authenticity. Balance.





My Practice  – connecting to the body, soul and movement


It was a long journey to find out but one of my greatest passions in life is how the body moves. I am truly me when I am in meditative flow. Feeling the whole body when it moves as one.

We all human beings have a body. Its our home on this planet earth. We should take care of it and love so that it won’t get sick. We live so much from our head and mind, that we forget our body. Or what might happen, we train our body so hard that it would look perfect. My focus is balance. Our body needs movement, every day. How you do it, its up to you, but I can help in some areas.

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When I start my practice, I actually never know what will happen. I listen to my body, I feel it, I connect to it, I sense what I need to do. Sometimes its running, sometimes power yoga, sometimes chi kung, sometimes combination of yoga and dance, sometimes very deep yin yoga. Or it might be some kind of combination of many. I think that when we really know our body and learn to listen to it, we know what kind of movement it needs. Our challenge is our mind, the mind might get on the way and say “you don’t’ need to do anything, go to sofa and have some chocolate”.


Body needs rest too. My way of training is that I take rest and sleep well, and sometimes I do only one asana on a day. But EVERY SINGLE DAY I do something to balance my mind, body and spirit.

Professional Bio


I have a Master Degree in Accounting and Finance and I was working in the sector of Investor Relations, Account management, Management consulting and sales training.


I am a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and Yin Yoga teacher (YinInAsia). At the moment I am studing at International Shakti Dance Teacher training (the dance of yoga, based on kundalini yoga) .