About Lycaste

Lycaste offer’s Corporate Yoga and coaching to reduce stress and improve health and creativity. Lycaste’s goal for individual is to find balance at workplace, at home, at life.

Lycaste Corporate Yoga can be a great benefit for both employer and employees. Lycaste has a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. Our way of working is to get to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed.  Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation/stress management training and fitness.

What is good for individuals is also good for corporates’ bottom line!


Anna Maria: “One of my passions is to teach yoga to corporations. Helping employees to create a healthier body and mind, reduce stress in and out of the workplace, increase job performance and find balance in life is something I love to work with.

I have a corporate background in account management, b2b sales and management consulting so I understand the pressure and stress that many corporate workers face every day. Also finding balance between working and family life and balance in own personal wellness are challenges I hear from people all the time. Bringing suitable yoga practice to workplace is an opportunity to employees to connect with themselves and just stop and relax during the busy day.”


Lycaste Name:  

Lycaste is a genus of orchid and it has three petals, which symbols the three parts Lycaste works with: the body, the mind and the consciousness.

Name Lycaste also reminds of the Swedish word “lycka”, which means “happiness, success, luck, bliss”.

Orchid has also been Anna Maria’s favourite flower since she spent a year in Indian family in Malaysia in 1995.