Yoga at corporates

How I ended up teaching yoga at corporates? 


I mainly teach yoga at corporations for business people. I’ve got a question many times why I don’t teach at a studio or why with a business background I haven’t started my own studio? Well, first when I really found my passion in yoga and I started teaching, of course I thought that I will be teaching in studios and I was dreaming of a “yogi life” travelling around the world and teaching in retreats. There were few “buts” thou, not to even mention how to build that kind of career as yoga teacher in short time, but when I was really thinking who am I and what is my background I got the answer. I was totally ready to quit the corporate world and thought never going back, but actually there are lot of things I love in business world and I know how it is to work there every day so it would be stupid to let that knowledge to be unused. I also realised that if I could have got yoga class at work I would have loved it! It could have changed my world at that time so why not to give that chance to someone now? When I can relate to corporate worker’s day it is easy to talk and find the right words that works. My husband also works at corporate world, so he really keeps me updated how it feels and gives me lot of information and feedback what could work for busy people.


When giving yoga classes at corporates it has been so amazing to get the positive feedback from people that has never tried yoga before. Most of my clients at corporate class are people who are new to yoga, wouldn’t have tried it and also men! It is great to see that sometimes almost half of the class are men – which might not  be the case so often at the studios. I love the feeling that I teach yoga also at the places where it is really needed. I am happy to say “it is my thing” to bring yoga and meditation – some balance to work places! It is time to do new things at corporates to create more wellbeing, creativity and results. The meeting room can be very “zen”!