Small things done with great love – Lohdunkantaja

The consolation bearer – Lohdunkantaja a charity jewellery collection to benefit the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki

Last Christmas my husband was brave enough to give to his longterm cooperation partner a very personal gift: a private yoga-class. I was happy and honoured to give that class to Katja Snäll in January 2015. After our yoga and meditation session we had a long lunch together and we were talking about life like we had known each other forever. At one point I asked a question with great love: “What is your passion in life? What would you really love to do?
Few months later I got an amazing phone-call from Katja: She was telling me about her new project with full of joy and passion!


She started with another mother Piia Hoffsten a charity jewellery collection born of the desire to help children in our community. As mothers of small children, they both understand the importance of the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki. That is why all the proceeds from the jewellery collection will be donated to the New Children’s Hospital. ”Our vision is to see a large group of Lohdunkantaja jewellery bearers who have wanted to be a part of the great story of the New Children’s Hospital.” – Katja Snäll, co-founder and co-designer of the Lohdunkantaja jewellery.


As a mother of small children myself I found the project so meaningful. I got my own Lohdunkantaja-jewellery personally from my new dear friend Katja at a coffee house. When I saw the beautiful piece of jewellery, I got very emotional because I was so happy: in addition to its meaningful purpose it was a proof to me, that small things done with great love can lead to something good. I have always known in my heart that I want to help people to find wellbeing and passion, consciousness and happiness in their lives. Still there have been many times that I haven’t believed it would be possible.


Lohdunkantaja symbolises for me that living with passion, love and listening to your heart is possible to anyone and it can bring good things to people around us. I am so happy and grateful to be part of Lohdunkantaja -chain.




“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
― Mother Teresa

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