Corporate Services

Enjoy Lycaste Yoga Programs

Improve health and spirit, enjoy a better return in corporate world!
Lycaste offer’s Corporate Yoga and wellness programmes to reduce stress and improve health and creativity. Lycaste’s goal for individual is to find balance in life: at workplace, at home, at every day’s life.

What is good for individuals is also good for corporates’ bottom line

Lycaste Corporate Yoga can be a great benefit for both employer and employees. Lycaste has a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. Our way of working is to get to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed.  Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation/stress management training and fitness.

Contact Anna Maria Sirenius  am.sirenius@lycaste.fi for more information.

Wellness day for corporates

Yoga and meditation for a corporate events, conference days, management meetings etc.

Business Yoga Class at workplace

Business Yoga Class is great opportunity for employees to find balance and creativity at workplace.  It is not just a yoga class, also opportunity for employees to learn to calm the mind and learn to do movements that helps to feel good in the body during the working day.

45/60/90 min yoga class for a group during the working day, in the morning, at lunch time or  afternoon. The size of the group can be 5-20 persons. The lesson can be done once or in periods, for example once a week for 1-6 months.

Lycaste Prana Break - Meditation for business

Mind practice and relaxing during the working day. Reduce stress, clear your mind and  increase your focus and learn tools to keep calm and balance in stressful situations.

Lycaste Private Yoga / Executive Yoga

Executive yoga – one on one tuition available at workplace or other place. Private session or programme is an opportunity to personal growth and an opportunity to receive personalised practice that is needed. Common reasons may be stress-related issues or to connect with themselves. One on One -session are also perfect for people who do not find group practice comfortable or wants to learn tools for home practice.

Lycaste Sports Yoga

Find a different perspective for your training and through mind practice you can find new ways to clear your mind in competitions.