Stress – word is everywhere

Young caucassian businessman standing against office windowI was at a cashier and there was a problem with the system so it took a while. While waiting I noticed and told the cashier girl that she had the most beautiful nails I had seen long time. She said “Oh thank you! I am going to have new ones next week but I am SO stressed what to have next”. Other example I heard in tram: “I am so stressed where to go for holiday next winter- the hotel and everything, skiing or beach, so stressful because it has to be perfect.” It made me wonder how the word stress is used. Do you really have to be stressed about nails or holidays or is it just about the word?

I understand stress can be a serious thing and it really causes lot of healthy problems. My work as a yoga teacher is a lot about reducing stress and giving tools for people especially in business world to manage their stress levels. There are many tools, but the first step to reduce stress is the choice.

Recognise your stress. How do you use the word “stress”?

If you are stressed and that is a challenge for you make a decision that you will search for tools that is best for you to manage your stress in other words to relax and use the tools every day. Just booking next holiday might not be enough. It is so easy to blame all the things and circumstances in life for stress, but because stress is in your body and mind, you can control it if you really want. It is all about the choice, every day.

Very easy step 1 – delete the word

The very easy start is to avoid the word. If you use the word all the time you actually “activate” it, you remind yourself about stress and how it feels in your body. When you actually feel stressed, express it other way, try to replace it with something that makes you think and feel positive and find your way to relax.

Decide that today is at least the stress-word-free day and see people around you, take a breath and smile.

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