Success – new meaning


It’s now a year ago when I was brave enough and started a life as an entrepreneur. How I ended up to that, it’s a long story. However, the first year has been everything and nothing that I expected. Also when creating new career for the rest of my life combining it with a family life (with kids 4 and 6 years old) there has been some challenges and a year is such a short time! When doing everything for the first time and from scratch, it takes time! Now slowly I begin to understand what I am actually doing and creating here!


Having a business background and very competitive mind first I had the pressure that “now I need to get my business very successful”.  I should get certain amount of turnover per year! Maybe I should get visibility in Media? Maybe I should be able to hire people.


All the questions came up from my mind patterns – how I’ve seen success. I had built my life based on many things that “I want to be successful and earn good money”. I wanted to have good grades at school. Be good in sports (well to tell a secret I was dreaming of olympic games – one point that would have been success to me – but it was a dream far away!). I wanted to have a nice title in business world and money to do things like travelling. Based on that I guess I WAS very successful at one point in my life – but truly in my heart I didn’t feel success. Because there was a hole, emptiness, something was missing, I wasn’t happy about what I was doing. Nothing would have been enough. That missing part was the respect and love towards myself and lack of passion of things I was doing. Basically the true me was lost.


When I started to open the doors to find out who I really am, what I am doing on this planet earth and how to be successful in my heart- first goal was: I want to do work that is also my passion. Something that I LOVE TO DO and I feel excited about it. (Quoting Jim Carrey here — You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.’ Well, after many doors, trainings, lots of self help books, support from amazing people, some therapy, yoga, meditation and connection to my soul – I found many things – and one is that I love to teach yoga and bring awareness to people’s lives.


After one year and many years of building the base that I could start my own business, I don’t have high turnover yet, I don’t have many other things either that maybe somebody would think is success. BUT for me, NOW – work is life for me and every time I get to teach yoga and meditation or any consulting related to that weather it is at corporate, at a studio and even if there are only small group of people, every time I feel lot of gratitude and happiness that I can do work I truly love.  It’s happiness for me. It’s balance for me. Simply that is success for me – be connected to my heart and soul and work with it.


(Business is business, it has to generate sales so that bills can be paid and some salary could be possible, otherwise it’s a hobby, these points are obvious so I didn’t want to include those aspects to this post – in case somebody is wondering! 🙂


Now I would be interested to know – What is success to you?

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