• “Yoga before the working day helps to relax the mind and body; the rest of the day goes smoothly and with a calm mind even if it was a busy day. Anna Maria is a great teacher – thank you!”. Pirjo
    • “The morning corporate yoga has helped me to start the work efficiently. The feeling is calm and still energized. Anna Maria is a very professional and nice teacher. She has planned the classes well and she creates a positive and supporting energy. “ Woman 39 years
    • “Thank you for the morning yoga for the past few months. Anna Maria has been inspiring teacher. The yoga has giving me good feeling for the whole day. Physically my neck and shoulder pain have been gone – I noticed when I had to skip 2 weeks, it came back. “  Corporate client – weekly morning yoga
    • “We had corporate summer day and the morning yoga was the best opening ever! Anna Maria’s style to approach the group and the people who were new to yoga – was really relaxing and it works. One and half hours went really quickly by concentrating to poses and own breath. “  Business Woman 40 years