What is the style of yoga that is OK and not awkward in corporate world

Mentioning earlier that there are lots of variety of yoga styles these days. Bringing naked yoga to the office is not probably the first thing to do even though it would get lot of interesting talks behind the desks.

The whole point of bringing yoga to corporate world is simple giving employes time to have a stress free moment, calm and clear the mind (or explode – that can be good too) and simply feel good. Mind practice or meditation are great as well, but for many people meditation can be actually quite challenging and frustrating at the beginning so calming the mind through the body can be easier way to start with.

If yoga session at the office is announced as more physical exercise, it probably attracts people at the workplace who does some other sports as well. If the team is young, dynamic and sportive – dynamic flow or power yoga can be excellent choice. When the team or employees are at very different age and fitness levels, yoga is still possible to execute. In this case Yin – yoga is good way to start with.


Yin is about staying at the poses for several minutes, focusing on connective tissues of the body. The flexibility of joints give us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body. Yin is connecting Chinese medicine and yoga – other words when practicing Yin we are like acupuncturists for ourselves. I have got great feedback of this meditative practice at the workplace. It brings the calm moment and when practice is mostly done by eyes closed, it is easy way to focus just to employee’s own body and mind. When there is not really movement or muscle work, it also won’t be sweating excercise so it’s saving time to be able quickly to get back to work – with a calm mind.

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